• Voices from the Gathering PlaceSault Ste. Marie: 1622 - present day

Die Stromschnellen von St Marie (The Rapids Of St Mary), Frank Buchser, 1868

By kind permission of the Kunsthaus Art Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

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Home Sweet Home

When John Prince moved to Sault Ste. Marie in 1860 he found a beautiful spot just outside of the village to build a splendid home.


He called the spot Belle Vue (beautiful view) and you can see a picture of his home to the left.


The spot was also quite private because John didn't like people all that much and always felt like they were harassing him for something.


To keep his privacy, John requested to be buried on the little island in front of his beloved home.


As it turns out, John gets dozens of visitors every day for the land he lived on became one of the city's most popular gathering places, Bellvue Park!


Have you ever worked hard to prevent  something unpleasant only to have the very thing you were trying to avoid happen in the end?


John Prince's Belle Vue lodge, Courtesy of the City of Sault Ste. Marie