• Voices from the Gathering PlaceSault Ste. Marie: 1622 - 1870

Die Stromschnellen von St Marie (The Rapids Of St Mary), Frank Buchser, 1868

By kind permission of the Kunsthaus Art Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

This website was created by teacher Peter White for the Algoma District School Board

Sample Lesson: Jean Baptiste Cadotte


Prep: go to the Teacher section and print enough copies of the song lyrics for your class


  1. On the website homepage www.voices.adsb.on.ca select the link Songs that tell the stories of the Gathering Place.
  2. Select JEAN BAPTISTE CADOTTE and click that link.
  3. Play the video.
  4. Click on each of the "I wonder?" circles (REPENTIGNY and ATHANASIE) found just below the song video.
  5. Read the content of each "I wonder?" circle as a class and encourage class discussion with the questions asked.
  6. If desired, play the video again to prepare students for the memory game.
  7. Click on the scrolling text below the video to go to the memory game.
  8. Hand out the lyric sheets if you are allowing students to use them for the game.
  9. As the game is played you will see inquiry research topics appear with each answer. At this point tell students that they will be choosing one of these inquiry topics for a project. They may also create a topic of their own from the song lyrics e.g. “fleur-de-lis”. (Please note that the full list of inquiry topics can be found in the Teacher section.)
  10. Explain that the “I wonder?” circles are a model of how they may complete their inquiry project. (Other possible approaches include video, cartoons, a song, a brief play etc. depending on available resources)
    1. The "I wonder?" circles provide a template for the inquiry project which could include:
      1. A brief paragraph giving information about the topic
      2. Writing in a style that fellow students can easily understand i. e. Putting formal writing in their own words; explaining unfamiliar words.
      3. Questions related to the information topic to stimulate thinking and discussion between the presenters and their classmates e.g. “What would you do if . . .”
      4. A picture or two that enhance the written information