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Die Stromschnellen von St Marie (The Rapids Of St Mary), Frank Buchser, 1868

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                                                                                            The Many Mica Bays


I discovered the story of Mica Bay in a book by Janet Chute called The Legacy of Shingwaukonse. I was moved by the dramatic story of alliance between the Anishnaabe leader and the Scottish lawyer Alan MacDonell.


Afterwards I was excited to find other versions of the Mica Bay takeover story. My excitement soon turned to confusion, however, as I found that the importance I had placed on Shingwauk (Little Pine) and Alan MacDonell was not found in other stories.


This made me think that maybe these differences had to do with who is telling the story and what is important to them. It also made me wonder how we can know if our version of a story is the right one?


Take a few moments to listen to and/or read these other accounts of the Mica Bay incident from the First Nations and Métis perspective and write down what you think is the same and what you think is different.




  • Split your class into three groups, one large, one medium and one small group.
  • Choose an event that everyone in the class knows about e.g. how "Pizza day" works at your school.
  • Have each group discuss exactly how the event happens e.g. which day, the time of day, the cost, how many pieces each person can have, what toppings are on the pizza etc.
  • Have a person from each group describe the event.
  • Talk about and write down the differences between the descriptions.
  • Vote as a class on which version of the event is the most correct.
  • If the largest group wins does that mean their version is the most correct or is it the most correct because they had the most votes?
  • How  would you make the decision fair?


Mica Bay Mine , The Illustrated London News, 1850