• Voices from the Gathering PlaceSault Ste. Marie: 1622 - 1870

Die Stromschnellen von St Marie (The Rapids Of St Mary), Frank Buchser, 1868

By kind permission of the Kunsthaus Art Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

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Jean Baptiste Talon  1626 - 1694

Talon was the Intendant of New France which means he was in charge of almost everything that happened in Canada on behalf of the Louis XIV, the king of France.


He controlled where people could live, what they were allowed to do for work and how they would be punished if they were in trouble.


Before Talon came to New France things were very bad. There were very few people and no one cared about building the colony.


When Talon came he offered rewards for anyone who started a family with special bonuses for families with more than ten children. In order to encourage marriages and children he arranged for 800 women, known as the filles du roi (daughters of the king) to come to New France.


What kind of reward would be enough for you to go to a place with none of the things you are used to like Internet and indoor plumbing to marry and raise a family?


Where would someone go today to start a colony where there are no people? Would it be on earth?



Portrait of Jean Talon, by Claude Francois (Brother Luke), Oil, 72.7 x 59.3 cm. 1671. Augustinian monastery of the Hôtel-Dieu de Quebec, Quebec